Home Improvements

Add 20 Percent to the Value of Your Home in 2019 with a Loft Conversion- Works Wherever You LIve!

Home owners will always want to extend their homes from simple loft conversions to elaborate roof designs just to make sure the value increases. So if you want to utilize the dead space of your lofty, having an attic conversion has been proven to be the best home improvement technique to go about it.

This type of remodelling also provides you with attractive habitable space that meets your growing family requirements. There are also various purposes a loft can accommodate including; an additional bath space, living area, bedroom, kid’s playroom, a studio or an entertainment zone.

Things To Do

The first thing you need to do before you start on you project is to have a look at your neighbours roof extensions. View different houses with a similar footprint to yours. Find out if there is space for two rooms or perhaps it’s too cramped. Consider the head height and the amount of light available. You will always have a better idea after you have looked at what others have done and do things differently to add the desired value to your property.

Since the additional 20 percent in value will only take effect if the loft extension includes things like master suites, luxurious chill-out areas studies, playrooms and many more, it is always important to ensure the space is flexible.

You may also need a mansard extensions. These are raised brick walls and a timber rear sole. However, this may require a planning permission. The best thing to do is to check with your local council if you aren’t sure.

Extending the roof is only a small portion of the project. Décor plays a vital part in making sure you add 20 percent to the value of your home in 2015. There are two schools of thought with regards to which design route a home owner should take. One may decide to embrace contemporary styling and a minimalist aesthetic, or better still ensure seamless transition between each and every rooms. All these depends on the type of roof extension you have chosen. A crisp, white palette works well with a sleek, glass structure while you will get a cosy, intimate design from a steeper pitch.

If you wish to add 20 percent to the value of your home in 2015 – works wherever you live-consider installing top lights. This is because a smaller aperture in the roof admits the same quality of light as any large opening on the side of the house.

The most important thing is to make sure that the interior suits the use of the room. Textured walls and soft rugs will make a bedroom look and feel cosy. You can also take advantage of a striking cityscape and put comfortable, streamlined sofas in a living area. This is a sure way of attracting potential buyers.

If you have a clever plan, you will end up using every square foot of the room. Have low seating, a bed or a bathtub that can fit under an eaves. A well-executed loft conversion can make your extension pay for itself.