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Design Trends – Achieving the Modern Look

As home decor styles constantly change how on earth can you know what is the modern look? Achieving a contemporary and impressive décor is difficult because styles change year on year and we aren’t all interior designers after all. However, there are certain décor rules that will help you to attain a modern look for a reasonable price that does not go out of fashion a month down the line!

Colour scheme

The first rule is to never choose a color scheme or piece of furniture that you don’t particularly like just because it is in fashion. You are the one who is going to have to live with the design and therefore it should please you and reflect your personality. A modern look isn’t a specific color but the way the colour is used, a modern room that is decorated in white with a single feature wall in a colour of your choice, which is brought out in subtle accessories around the room will always look modern. A neutral carpet or light coloured wooden flooring is a very modern and simple choice, which is classic enough to stay in fashion indefinitely.

Ceiling spot lights

The next rule is to use lighting for maximum impact. There is nothing that ages a room more than it being dark and dingy. Ceiling spotlights are modern and great for small rooms because they do not infringe on any of the space and height of the room. To make a room look even brighter you should incorporate mirrors into the design, because mirrors reflect light. Place the mirror on the opposite wall to the window for it to maximise this effect. Mirrors that do not have a frame are very modern and fit in with any décor.


The hardest decision for achieving a modern look is what furniture to buy. There is a huge selection to choose from and finding the right size and style can be tough. If you are decorating a bedroom then get a matching set, which includes a bed, wardrobe and drawers and if you are decorating a living room make sure the chairs and sofa match. Mis-matched furniture makes a room look uncoordinated, which is great if you want an antique or shabby chic feel but not right for the modern look.

See the video below for more ideas: