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Protecting Your Home – Easy Security Tips

It really doesn’t matter where you stay, if someone wants something from your home, they’ll take it. Burglaries happen and they actually happen more often than we’d all like to believe. Anyone can be a victim of a burglary and thieves with no conscience can strike at any time. It is important that homeowners and tenants take all the possible steps to reduce their chances of falling victim to burglars.

The majority of burglaries that take place are a direct result of negligence. You leave the house and don’t lock the door, you don’t close all the windows and you don’t make sure that your garage or shed is properly closed. By not doing these things, you are essentially making it really easy for criminals to gain access to your home and take your valuables.

Here are a few essential safety tips offered by Mike Jones, the marketing manager of www.securehome247.com to ensure that your home is secured at all times:

Think Like A Burglar

Before you leave your home you need to make sure that it is properly secured. The easiest way to do this is to think the way a lurking burglar would. Make sure that all your doors are locked and secure. Then, make sure that you have properly closed and locked all windows which could be easy access to criminals. If you’re going out for the night you need to make sure that the area surrounding your home is well-lit. A well-lit area is likely to be a deterrent for any potential criminals scouting the area. Another great tip is to make sure that your valuable area not seen from the street. If possible close curtains and put valuables away before you leave.


If a criminal is watching you home they want to see when you are not home and the easiest way to do this is to pick up on your routine. If you leave the house at the same time every day and come home at the same time, it will be easy to pick up on your routine. Make sure you change things up a little. If possible ask to start work a little later one day a week, and then change that day around every week. This alone will be a big deterrent for criminals.


Prevention is always better than a cure. There are certain things you can do to make sure you prevent burglaries. These include getting a dog, installing additional security measures and getting cameras installed in your home. Remember that it is always better to prevent a burglary than to pick up the pieces after one.

Restricted Access

Always be alert of whom you let onto your property and also into your home. If you have a maintenance person arriving, double-check with the company you hired to make sure that the right person arrives at your home. Do not be lazy with your own home security and never let your guard down. Remember you never know who watching your property.


Getting to know your neighbours is as important as upgrading your home security. When you know who your neighbours are and they know who you are, both parties can watch out for each other. Makes sure that you both report any suspicious behaviour to the police immediately.