Solid Fuel, Gas, or Electric Fireplaces? What is the Difference?

The modern fireplaces industry has certainly come on in leaps and bounds during the last decade. House owners can dream of their perfect fireplace and ensure it is made specifically to their desired design and style. The main decision is which type of fire to choose though.

Built to endure extremely high temperatures, solid fuel fireplaces usually include a grate and ash pan creating a “real fire” look. Usually made from wood, stone, or cast iron, they can suit most décor schemes.

Standard gas stoves are known for their efficient heat outputs making them a great choice to keep monthly household bills down.

Elegant marble fireplaces

Balanced flue gas fires take in extreme amounts of oxygen and transfer exhaust gases through a wall flue, ensuring the air in your house is cleaner. This type of fire is known for efficiency and minimal fuel consumption and can be used without a chimney.

Flue less gas fires are a safe, cheaper, and more efficient alternative to traditional flue fires. They are more effective because all heat generated is kept in the room. Sold with a catalytic converter, they will shut down if the catalytic converter fails.

Power flue gas fires, are also known as fan flue or turbo flue, and do not need a chimney or a flue system. These fireplaces produce life-like flickering flames.
Wall mounted gas fires are ideal if space is an issue. Alternatively, hole in the wall fires also free up room space. However, a chimney is usually required with both models.

Electric fireplaces create heat and light through LED flames and ribbon-effect flames. Some models allow separate use of the flame effect and the heat.
Marble fireplaces sales have risen tremendously during the last two years. A marble fireplace will give your home a stately look, and becomes the central point of any living dining room. Marble fireplaces can love hundreds of years so although they are not the cheapest type of fireplace on the market, you can relax knowing you will never have to replace the item unless you wish to.

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