Treat Yourself to a New Bed!

Buying new bedroom furniture is a great treat, as although we spend more time in the bedroom than anywhere else, we tend to replace bedroom furniture less than other types of furniture – maybe that is because the bedroom usually sees fewer visitors than other rooms.

The type of bed you choose will depend somewhat on the space you have available. If your bedroom is very small, or you live in a studio, you might want to choose a folding bed that can be hidden in a wardrobe or folded against the wall during the day. Likewise, if you are limited space-wise and have children, bunk beds are a great price. Divan beds are another great option for children’s rooms as they often come with storage, where you can hide their toys.

For a comfortable night’s sleep in a bed that will also help you make the most of available space, you should try a divan bed. These are a good buy because they have storage in the bed base where you can put spare bedding and clothing.

But it isn’t all about the bed base, in fact, the most important part of a bed is actually the mattress. Everyone’s idea of a great mattress depends on individual preference, so we won’t go into that here, but one way to ensure you find what is right for you is to buy the mattress locally where you can try it out; even if later you end up buying the base online.

Another comfortable bed is the air bed. You can use it in any room as it is very easy to move. It also supports very large weights and you can turn it into a chair or sofa for relaxing moments watching TV.

Daybeds beds are very popular because they play a double role: during the day they can be used as a single sofa and at night converted to a comfortable bed. Recently the design of daybeds has changed quite a lot under the influence of modern and contemporary styles. Whether you use a daybed as a bed in the bedroom, or in the living room as a sofa, or in a guest room or children’s room, a daybed is usually a practical and useful choice.

Canopy beds are coming back in fashion, and as well as looking fabulous they are usually very comfortable due to having pocket spring mattresses. They can turn a normal bedroom into a dream world that appears to come from a different culture and civilization. A canopy bed gives bedroom furniture an oriental flair or a look specific to royal or aristocratic houses. Curtains that were designed primarily as a protection against mosquitoes and other insects are also perfect to create an intimate atmosphere. Furthermore, side curtains on a canopy bed protect anyone sleeping in if the room is cool as they help maintain a comfortable temperature within.